Columbus, Ohio Ranked as #1 – Accessibility to the American Market

It has been claimed for as long as I can remember that Columbus has the best access to the American market.  Three Scale Research tested this claim and found it to be true.  They used the 2010 [...]


Enough Bad News – Let’s Look at Some Real American Creativity

Only in Columbus – a bar bike.  Burn your buzz while you’re getting another one.  American ingenuity at its finest and oh so appropriate for Columbus.  It would be some real excitement and [...]


Android App for Loopnet

For those of us in this business who are Droid users welcome the introduction of the Droid app for loopnet, available in Market or the link below.  [...]


Central Ohio – Longaberger Estate For Sale

At 57,000 square feet this is no starter home, but is the largest private home in Central Ohio, just east of Columbus, reports the Columbus Dispatch and is available for a paltry $15,000,000.   [...]


CoStar – iPad App for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate information provider CoStar Group just introduced its first ever app for Apple’s iPad “This is completely different,” said Andrew Florance, the firm’s founder and CEO, speaking [...]


1031 Exchanges Explained – the Basics

Once every six months or so I post a basic primer on 1031 Exchanges.   This one is more for first timers and doesn’t cover anything more esoteric such reverse exchanges.   This is still a [...]


Southern California Residential Real Estate Home Sales – June 2011

In Southern California 38,975 new and resale homes sold last month.  That’s up 9.7% from May 2011 and down 11.4% from June 2010, which was the last month of the Home Buyers’ Tax Credit.  Median [...]


Post # 200

For my 200th post, I’ll put up something fun instead of the gloomy news that’s accidentally been the focus of my last few posts. There’s a very fun event coming up on August 20, 2011, [...]


America Moves Toward Renter Society

This one ties in closely with what I posted yesterday regarding the decline in home ownership in the country.  The national rate, which stood at 66.4% at the end of March would be just under 60% [...]


Home Ownership – The American Dream or Nightmare?

One of my favorite analysts, Mark Heschmeyer of CoStar News, authored a thought provoking piece on the reality of the American dream being home ownership by talking to real estate professionals [...]


Wynn Resorts’ Steve Wynn – Q2 Earnings Conference Call

I made a decision when I started this blog two years ago to keep politics out of it – mostly.  I’m sure anyone who has read my writings over the last couple of years can pretty well guess [...]


Housing Starts Rise

Considering that this one originates from the NRA, you’d expect a little positive spin here and you get a bit.  Good news is that single family starts rose 9.4% last month, and the bad news is [...]


Continued Investor Faith in Commercial Real Estate

There are big storm clouds on the horizon and it’s not showing yet in the numbers.  Business like predictability, good or bad, and the current uncertainty will damage the numbers for third [...]


Real Estate Capital Surges in the Second Quarter

A reported $35.48 billion was raised in the second quarter for acquisitions and refinancings.  The total for the first half was $66.43 billion.  It took nine months last year to raise the same.  [...]


Stabilizing Prices Brings LaSalle Back into the Game

LaSalle Investment Management is forecasting $2 billion of property investment in 2011 primarily in major markets such as Southern and Northern California, Chicago and Washington, DC. They also [...]


1031 Exchange Expert – Steve Rosansky – Nine reasons to Buy Investment Real Estate Now

I’ll do a real quick summary of his points then link you directly to his article. 1031 Exchange Opportunity – Exchange one property with a low basis for another or more better performing or [...]