Santa Monica Slow Growth Group Files Lawsuit to Halt Bergamot Project

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The Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City files a lawsuit to halt the project named Bergamot Transit Village project, which has been under consideration for the last seven years as a replacement for the old Papermate factory at 26th and Olympic in Santa Monica.

The 765,000 square foot project was approved by Santa Monica City Council last week by a 4-3 vote.  The mixed use project was to bring  427 apartments plus about 30,000 square feet of Santa Monica net leased retail and 375,000 square feet of office to the city’s former industrial segment.

There isn’t all that much Santa Monica net leased retail commercial real estate in the east end of the city so I personally think that it might be a worthy replacement for some of the World War II vintage industrial space around there.

The lawsuit is the second hurdle currently facing a project that has been in the making for about seven years with the other being a ballot intuitive to halt the project.

After the Santa Monica City Council approved the project SMCLC and Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights joined with the, to collect signatures to place the issue on the November ballot. It’s estimated that they’ve collected 8,000 – 10,000 signatures versus the 6,100 needed to go on the ballot.  There’s little question that the project is going to go on the ballot and I think little question that the project will be stopped.

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