Westerville Planning Commission Turns One Down

On February 26th , the Westerville Planning Commission voted down by  4 – 2 a proposal from Romanelli and Hughes for rezoning a 23.6 acre parcel at 645 and 655 N State from Rural Residential to Planned Neighborhood District.

The project was going to be a mixed multifamily and single family development of a 141 unit apartment complex on the northern portion of the site and 41 courtyard style homes to the south.

Westerville traditionally allows multifamily as a buffer between single family and business type development such as Westerville net leased retail.  In this instance the development would be between two long established single family residential developments .   There is no net leased retail or office planned for this site

Westerville City Council can still overturn the recommendation of the Westerville Planning Commission, but that doesn’t often happen.

Interested parties can watch development on the city of Westerville web site, attend the Westerville Planning Commission or City Council meetings or talk to your Westerville commercial realtor.

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